Eretz is owned and managed by Peleg Lahav. The company was founded in 2009 and is engaged in designing, planning, managing, and supporting the full range of garden construction projects. In our eyes, the garden forms an integral, inseparable part of each home’s interior design. The clear boundaries that once existed between interior and exterior have become blurred over the years, as the garden – especially in Israel, where the climate permits us to stay outdoors almost year-round – has become the ideal setting for get-togethers, hospitality, leisure, rest, and relaxation.


Throughout the planning process, we take care to collaborate closely with clients in order to understand their personal needs and lifestyles. These elements are then transformed into sketches and renderings, taking into consideration the site’s existing development and topography, the design concept, and the meticulous selection of materials for the sitting and hospitality areas, pools, gates, outdoor kitchen, and of course the plant life, which is one of the most important aspects of any garden. We utilize a variety of materials, and even design and craft our own complementary items for the garden.


Building a new home is a hugely significant step in the life of a family. This complex experience involves making important decisions, such as choosing the right professionals, materials, and more. It’s not only an important financial investment, but an emotional one too. Thanks to the experience we have amassed over the years, Eretz completely understands the significance and complexities of this process, and we are prepared to overcome every challenge in order to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the results, down to the very last detail.


We fully cooperate with all other professionals working on the site, and our top priority is to plan and create a harmonious garden that will enable all residents to simultaneously enjoy its myriad gifts.

The Process


Planning the relationship between the structure, the land, and the landscape on one hand, and people, nature, and the environment on the other, taking into account the different garden areas, materials, and plant life.


Managing the project, with full coordination between various professionals, providing supervisory and quality assurance services at every stage until the handover to the client.

Professional Support

Fully, meticulously safeguarding the planning concept at all times.

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